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Product Highlight: Deploy Deep Understanding to Combat Identity Fraud



December 22, 2023

product highlight

As identity fraud evolves, we continuously deepen our understanding of fraud and risk at SentiLink to offer key product innovation and capabilities as we support our partners in combating financial crime. SentiLink’s product releases in 2023 exemplify this constant effort applied to solving our partners' fraud problems.

Use Facets to tailor your fraud strategies and application flows

SentiLink Facets are purpose-built, flexible attributes that capture fraud, risk and identity signals. Risk teams can leverage Facets to capture fraud-related outcomes in populations specific to an FI's business and financial products – even when limited PII (e.g., email or phone) is available for assessing fraud.

Call the products you need with a consolidated API

SentiLink now offers a single end-point API for all of our products. Risk teams can integrate a single end-point that serves all application risk products.

Enhanced identity fraud models

Catch more identity thieves with an upgraded model

The SentiLink ID Theft Score identifies applications submitted using stolen identities so FIs can protect legitimate consumers. With the latest model release, risk teams can leverage the most up-to-date training set as well as expanded IP, email, and phone features to deliver higher performance.

Spot more synthetic identities with an upgraded model

The SentiLink Synthetic Fraud Score enables risk teams to stop 1st party and 3rd party synthetic identity fraud at the point of application. With the latest model release, risk teams are empowered with higher model performance driven by better SSN handling, new features, and augmentation from eCBSV insights.

Conduct comprehensive investigations with expanded phone data

With additional phone data brought on board, we have increased matched phone coverage for consumers. This additional coverage is incorporated into the latest model of the ID Theft Score. Risk teams can also access these phone records when researching Manifest records in the SentiLink Dashboard.

Boost fraud investigation productivity with an upgraded toolset

The SentiLink Dashboard equips risk teams with an identity research portal designed by fraud analysts and built for targeted efficient application fraud investigation. The latest upgrades to the Dashboard empower teams with efficient review and enhanced support.



We constantly seek feedback from our partners to solve their fraud problems, so keep an eye out for future product enhancements. As a first look into 2024, a new ID Theft Score model with even more relevant data sources and enhanced fraud capture is slated for release. Please contact us here if you want to learn more about these product innovations and how SentiLink can empower your fraud team with best-in-class identity fraud detection solutions.


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