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Boost Review Productivity with the Enhanced SentiLink Dashboard



June 29, 2023

Introducing the Redesigned Dashboard

Significant enhancements to empower fraud analysts

We’re proud to announce an upgrade of our toolset for conducting investigations that is making it even more impactful! The SentiLink Dashboard is our identity research portal designed by fraud analysts and built for targeted, efficient application fraud investigation. Dashboard users get access to intuitive tools to manually review cases using the same data as our Fraud Intelligence Team and can also glean context on what drives our Scores to be high or low. Teams conducting case review can even leverage our Fraud Intelligence Team on trickier cases using the escalate button!

Dashboard users can expect to see several updates from our latest release.

The specifics


Screenshot from the Applicant card of SentiLink’s Dashboard indicating several updates with numbers corresponding to the list below (see "Upgrading the Applicant card").

Upgrading the Applicant card

We restructured this card to make it more intuitive, readable and easy to scan!

  1. Consistent, aligned information across tabs
    The card now spans the width of the screen with data displayed in columns.

  2. Larger font size
    Text throughout the Risk Ops page is now larger.

  3. New tooltips
    Click or hover on dashed underlines to view additional information notes for the application data.

  4. Copy/paste improvements
    Hovering over PII reveals a "Copy" icon. Click this icon to copy the raw data, with no hyphens, to your clipboard for pasting into other tools. Clicking on SSN will copy the name, DOB, and SSN to the clipboard, separated by "|".

  5. Distinguish web vs mobile IP addresses
    A new "Type" metadata has been added to IP addresses.



Screenshot from the Manifest tab of SentiLink’s Dashboard indicating several updates with numbers corresponding to the list below (See "Manifest enhancements").

Manifest enhancements

This tab is now easier to navigate for comparisons and quick finds of important data on the applicant.

  1. Manifest columns are now aligned with the Applicant card columns.

  2. The right-most column now features PPP loan information including risky providers.
    Read our blog post to find out why this information is helpful when investigating fraud.

  3. Expanding one column will expand the entire row for that identity.



Screenshot from SentiLink’s Dashboard showing important information in easy to find areas (see "Surfacing important application information").

Surfacing important application information

Information that is important to track across tabs is now pinned to key areas of the view.

  1. Moved External App ID, Partner, and SentiLink ID
    We’ve added a small card to the top of the screen that displays the External App ID, Partner, and SentiLink ID.

  2. Important dates in blue title bars
    Important creation dates, including the app creation date, date the application was scored, and the date Insights were generated, are now displayed in the top-right of their respective cards in the blue title bar.



Screenshot from the Clustered Applications card of SentiLink’s Dashboard indicating several updates with numbers corresponding to the list below (See "Adding new data to the Clustered Applications card").

Adding new data to the Clustered Applications card

Now clustered applications include helpful details and metadata notes for faster case review.

  1. Added Synthetic Abuse and ID Theft Scores
    Each application in the clustered applications now show the Synthetic Abuse and ID Theft Scores.

  2. Added hover states for phone, IP and SSN
    Hover over the email, phone, IP, or SSN to see additional data.

  3. Toggle hovering on and off
    We’ve added a toggle to the Clustered Applications card to enable/disable the metadata notes. These metadata notes will be enabled by default.

Other improvements

  • ID Theft and Synthetic Abuse Scores have been added to the Risk Ops search results.

  • If an eCBSV application connected to a scoring application was passed using different PII, we will display a warning on the eCBSV tab.

  • We’ve added a warning if a phone was ported within one or two weeks of the application date.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future and reach out to us if you’re interested in seeing a demo of the Dashboard!



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