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Portfolio Review: Creating Options For Risk Teams

Vivek Ahuja


April 1, 2020

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ripple through the global economy, financial institutions are left with the challenge of maintaining a high quality and flexible experience for their consumer and small business customers, while at the same time managing losses and risk exposure to an acceptable level.

In recent weeks, SentiLink has expanded the scope of our customer success and product efforts towards helping our partners with not only detecting synthetic accounts being opened in real-time, but also by offering a screen of their existing loan books for accounts they may have opened prior to working with us.

In an environment that demands the ability to create options, this provides several immediate strategic benefits to Chief Risk Officers:

  • Continuity: Prevention of large fraud loss events that would cause catastrophic impacts in business continuity planning and enterprise risk management.
  • Exposure management: Detecting synthetic accounts within consumer and SMB business lines enables risk management to smartly close credit lines and stop exposure to these fraudulently-created accounts who may be ready to bust out soon.
  • Servicing Efficiency: As customer call centers and collections teams are overutilized on helping customers who have been impacted by global economic events, those teams can expend less of those resources servicing accounts created by synthetics.

Thus far, we have observed high ROI: these portfolio scrubs typically yield synthetic fraud detection rates of 25bps-50bps of accounts. When tailored to non-performing (delinquent or defaulted) populations, 300bps-600bps of those accounts are typically identified as synthetic.

Given the value this has provided to several of our partners, we have decided to offer this service to additional institutions who may be looking for ways to boost their risk management efforts with clear, actionable, fast results.

  • Terms are straightforward: An MNDA and Statement of Work that do not lock customers into a long-term commercial relationship.
  • No integration resources are required. Partners upload a flat file with a handful of account data points, via a SentiLink upload portal or SFTP gateway that securely encrypts and transmits their data.

Within one business day of receiving data, we provide:

  • Synthetic fraud risk scores back for each account within our secure hosted portal.
  • A tailored recommendation on a score cutoff to use for filtering out synthetic accounts.
  • A review of confirmed synthetic fraud cases that our fraud analyst team has labeled from that institution.
  • A case review tool that allows our partner’s risk analysts to conduct link analysis, understand drivers of our risk scoring, and make informed synthetic fraud decisions.

If this is something your institution could use to help with navigating your risk strategy over the next few weeks, contact us at


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