SentiLink Launches A New Kind of KYC Product



October 20, 2021

SentiLink Launches A New Kind of KYC Product

SAN FRANCISCO--()--SentiLink, the leader in identity verification technology, today announced it is expanding its services to include a Know Your Customer (KYC) product as a complement to its Synthetic Fraud and ID Theft Scores which are already used by most top U.S. financial institutions.

SentiLink is introducing a new kind of KYC product, a first-of-its-kind solution that allows financial institutions the ability to assess the true identity of a customer at account opening. Unlike competing solutions, which neither stop fraud nor satisfy the Customer Identification Program (CIP) rules, SentiLink’s KYC Insights helps financial institutions achieve three essential goals:

  • Stop more identity fraud and approve more users
  • Fulfill regulatory obligations for the CIP and red flags rules
  • Uncover specific insights about various risks posed by applications for further investigation or remediation

“The entire team at SentiLink is excited to announce the launch of our KYC Insights product,” said Naftali Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of SentiLink. “Legacy ‘check the box’ compliance products essentially check for a name/DOB/SSN/address ‘match’ in header data, and claim that they fulfill regulatory obligations.”

SentiLink’s KYC Insights product, however, not only helps to comply with the CIP regulations and red flags rules but also surfaces key risks associated with new customer onboardings. The product may identify an application as high risk, flagging that the email address was just created three days prior and that the phone number is associated with many other identities. Alternatively, SentiLink’s KYC Insights may identify an application as low risk, but note that the data entered is likely a typo. OFAC, PEPS and Sanctions watchlist checks are all a part of the new KYC Insights solution.

Ultimately, KYC Insights powers decisioning with more nuanced features, flags and risk signals. KYC Insights not only satisfies CIP obligations, but is a purpose-built solution that can be deployed early in the onboarding process to dramatically lower the cost of compliance and improve the digital account experience for customers.

About SentiLink

SentiLink is a leader in identity verification technology. This includes solutions to prevent synthetic fraud, identity theft, and other emerging fraud vectors at the point of account origination. SentiLink was founded by Naftali Harris and Maxwell Blumenfeld in 2017, two former risk leaders from the online lender Affirm. SentiLink has raised $85M to date from investors and partners with over 100 financial institutions. For more information, please visit:

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