Effectiv and SentiLink Partner to Fight Financial Crime at Banks, Credit Unions, and FinTechs



August 3, 2022

Effectiv and SentiLink Partner to Fight Financial Crime at Banks, Credit Unions, and FinTechs

August 3, 2022 - SentiLink, a provider of identity verification and fraud detection solutions, and Effectiv, a fraud and compliance automation platform, announce a new partnership that enables customers to fight financial crime within an omnichannel environment in real-time.

 “Partnering with SentiLink strengthens the fight against synthetic fraud, identity theft, and first-party fraud while enhancing KYC efforts, aligning perfectly with Effectiv’s solution empowering financial institutions during the onboarding process on both sides of the balance sheet,” said Ravi Sandepudi, CEO, Effectiv. “We’re thrilled to work side by side with SentiLink to help defeat financial fraud.” 

Effectiv provides a fast-to-market solution with a zero-code implementation with customizable, automated workflows for multiple solutions. Superior case lifecycle and operations management solutions all live within one single platform that scales dynamically while utilizing machine learning and AI-driven automation to boost efficiency.

 “We're very excited to be working with Effectiv to address the challenges identity crime and fraud pose to the financial ecosystem," said Naftali Harris, CEO and co-founder, SentiLink. "Effectiv's real-time fraud prevention platform makes it possible for financial institutions and fintechs of all sizes to leverage SentiLink's synthetic fraud, identity theft and KYC solutions, now more powerful together." 

SentiLink reviews consumer data provided at the point of account origination and returns scores, attributes, and critical insights indicating the likelihood that an application is fraudulent. By combining proprietary data and deep insight on fraud and identity, SentiLink’s unique approach and innovative product suite help manage risk, reduce fraud, and approve more good customers faster.


About Effectiv provides a fraud and compliance automation platform for fintechs, mid-sized banks, and credit unions. Its mission is to automate compliance needs while helping customers manage fraud with a best-in-class solution combining human and artificial intelligence interaction. 

Built by a team who enabled enterprises like U.S. Bank, Chime, Google, PayPal, and Walmart to manage fraud and risk, Effectiv’s solutions utilize hundreds of industry-leading data sources helping financial institutions establish customized solutions based on their unique needs.


About SentiLink

SentiLink, the leader in identity verification technology, provides financial institutions and fintechs with best-in-class solutions to prevent synthetic fraud, identity theft, and emerging forms of first-party fraud, as well as compliance-focused KYC Insights and access to the eCBSV SSN verification service. Founded in 2017 by Naftali Harris and Max Blumenfeld, creators of the risk and fraud systems at online lender Affirm, SentiLink has raised $85M to date from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Craft Ventures, and NYCA Partners, among others.


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