Scienaptic Partners With SentiLink To Combat Synthetic Fraud



October 15, 2020

Scienaptic Partners With SentiLink To Combat Synthetic Fraud

Scienaptic, the world’s leading credit decisioning platform, announced the formation of a platform integration partnership with SentiLink, the most innovative technology company specializing in synthetic fraud. This partnership enables enhanced fraud prevention capabilities for lenders using Scienaptic’s credit decisioning platform.

“We are delighted to have partnered with SentiLink. Several leading banks and alternate lenders globally are leveraging Scienaptic’s unique products to upgrade their credit decisioning infrastructure. With access to this new technology, existing and new customers will have sharper tools to detect anomalous patterns and rapidly update their rules. It will make loan originations far more secure for our clients, “ said Mark Dreux, Head of Strategy at Scienaptic.

SentiLink’s technology helps lenders combat synthetic fraud, a crime in which fake identities are created and used to defraud financial institutions. SentiLink APIs will now be available as part of Scienaptic deployments, allowing lenders to flag suspicious applications more accurately. SentiLink’s solutions are based on proprietary data, manual labeling by an in-house Risk Operations team and a machine learning approach that drives best-in-class false positive rates.

“We’re excited to be working with Scienaptic. Many banks, lenders and fintechs have deployed SentiLink’s solutions to address synthetic fraud. Scienaptic’s analytics platform will enhance our solutions for anyone interested in offering a safer credit originations process” said Maxwell Blumenfeld, Co-Founder, SentiLink.

About SentiLink:

SentiLink has built the only comprehensive industry solution for stopping synthetic fraud. Designed by risk professionals with a lender’s perspective, SentiLink combines proprietary data, deep insight from risk analysts and a machine learning approach that drives targeted output. SentiLink is the only vendor that categorizes synthetic fraud into 1st party and 3rd party. This categorization enables risk teams to use optimal treatment strategies, reduce manual review times and automate the detection of synthetic identities with low false positive rate. SentiLink’s clients include the top U.S. banks, credit unions and fintechs.

About Scienaptic:

Scienaptic is the world’s leading AI-powered Credit Decisioning platform company. Designed by seasoned CROs, Scienaptic has unveiled multiple innovations that address the issues emerging from lack of bureau coverage, older generation scorecards, and rule-based decisioning. These innovations include rapid test-and-learn capabilities, simplified credit rule engine, and streamlined deployment of sharper ML scorecards. Scienaptic’s clients include Fortune 100 banks, community banks, and Fintechs.


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