Acquiring Upstream Logix

Naftali Harris


February 22, 2022

Acquiring Upstream Logix



We're excited to announce that SentiLink has acquired Upstream Logix!  Upstream Logix is a leading provider of data and analytics in alternative finance, supporting financial institutions that serve consumers who are underbanked, thin files, or have imperfect credit. 

Through this acquisition, SentiLink will be able to better support companies in this space and further improve our products for all of our partners in this challenging segment.

As we got to know the Upstream Logix team, I became more and more impressed with the business and reputation for excellence they'd built.  We discovered that we organically shared the same values and mission.  And as we talked more and saw them in action, I found their vision for alternative finance more and more compelling, if not obvious--(more on that some time soon)!  By joining forces, SentiLink not only strengthens its position providing the best products and service in the market, but will also help our new team members to accelerate this vision and bring it to reality.

Upstream Logix is SentiLink's first acquisition, but it won't be our last.  Fraud and identity is a complex problem, and there are many aspects to a comprehensive solution.  If you're interested in building the future together, please reach out.

We could not be more excited to begin work together as a unified team.  Welcome to SentiLink, Upstream Logix!


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