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Webinar: Credit Washing



February 12, 2021

A full replay of this event can be found here.

We are excited to be co-sponsoring a webinar with our partner, GDS Link, on credit washing. We’ve seen an uptick in credit washing activity recently and want to share our insights and get perspectives from other subject matter experts.

If you are unfamiliar with credit washing, it is a form of first party fraud where an individual removes derogatory information from their credit report by lying about being the victim of identity theft. After doing so, their credit score can jump 200–300 points, so they can then trick lenders into issuing them credit that the lender never would have provided to somebody with as many missed payments, charge-offs, etc.

The webinar is next Thursday 2/18 at 10am PST.

We’ve assembled an incredible panel of experts including Mike Carr, Sr. Director Fraud and Security at Ally; Jon Barhorst, CRO of LendingUSA; and Zahid Kassem, Principal of Kassem Consulting. SentiLink co-founder and COO, Max Blumenfeld, will be on the panel as well.



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