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Introducing KYC Insights

Naftali Harris


October 20, 2021

Hi friends,
All of us at SentiLink are proud to announce the release of our new KYC Insights product!  KYC Insights flags suspicious issues associated with applications for financial products, checks for PEPs and sanctions, and helps you to satisfy your KYC obligations.  It looks like this (also available via API):

KYC Insights Screenshot-1

We built this by taking a first principals approach to the CIP rules, which require each bank to "form a reasonable belief that it knows the true identity of each customer."  This contrasts to legacy KYC "solutions," which instead essentially check whether the applicant name, DOB, SSN, and address match credit header data, and end up "verifying" synthetic and stolen identities.  Our KYC Insights solution surfaces over 50 different insights about applications ranging from benign ("first name appears typoed") to highly suspicious (like the insights in the screenshot above).
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