Is this fraud? In search of the ground truth in fraud investigations

The foundational element of a fraud investigation is the search for what is really happening behind an application. When a risky application flashes signals of identity theft or synthetic fraud, risk teams rely on a multitude of sources to try to evaluate the "ground truth" of what's going on. In some cases, authoritative sources can make a difference. But in many other cases it's not possible to be 100% sure, making the quality of the data and signal inputs critically important for making approve/deny/step-up decisions.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish between friendly vs friendly fraud scenarios and when it may not be possible
  • How to combine data, customer interactions and other verification methods to increase the certainty around the true identity behind an online application
  • When raw data can definitively show fraud and when it can’t
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Recorded September 13, 2023

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Patrick Eckerle

Head of Analytics, SentiLink

Patrick Eckerle is the Head of Analytics at SentiLink. With over 5 years of fraud experience and 10 years of experience in software development, data science, fraud operations management, and data engineering, Patrick has worn many hats in tech. In his time at Enova International, he was the leader of the Fraud Data Science and Operations team for their consumer and small business brands that lent money fully online in 3 different countries. At SentiLink, Patrick owns the analytics and data strategy that is helping to grow the business. Patrick lives in Chicago.

Shannon Slaughter cropped

Shannon Slaughter

Fraud Intelligence Analyst, SentiLink

Shannon joined SentiLink with 20 years of traditional banking experience under her belt, with the last 13 years spent working in various fraud prevention roles. She developed a passion for fraud prevention education while working in the credit union space, and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She now works as an analyst on SentiLink’s Fraud Intelligence Team and maintains the fraud training onboarding program all new recruits are required to attend.

Jason Kratovil cropped

Jason Kratovil

Head of Public Policy and External Affairs, SentiLink

Jason Kratovil is Head of External Affairs and Public Policy at SentiLink. In this capacity he leads all aspects of the company’s corporate communications, reputation and brand identity strategy, as well as engagement with federal policymakers. He is a recognized expert in identity fraud, payments, data security and consumer privacy, having testified before the US Congress. Previously, Jason was a principal at the Washington, DC law firm of Sivon, Natter & Wechsler, P.C. While at the firm he founded the Consumer First Coalition, through which he led efforts on behalf of the financial industry to implement the Electronic Consent Based SSN Verification system (eCBSV) with the US Social Security Administration. Jason holds a Master of Public Policy degree, two B.A. degrees and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) certification. Jason also serves on the Fairfax County (VA) Consumer Protection Commission.

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