Elements of Identity Fraud: Enhance your models with intelligent building blocks

Essential to optimizing fraud models for financial institutions are predictive attributes that enrich models with identity, fraud and risk intelligence. Built from deconstructing incoming applications into component parts and extracting insightful attributes, SentiLink Facets give a clearer view of identities and broader visibility into aggregate account opening activity across SentiLink’s network.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key use cases where attributes are valuable for adding lift to identity fraud models
  • How SentiLink Facets infuse intelligence into risk systems and how these attributes complement SentiLink Scores
  • How early adopters of SentiLink Facets have seen impact for their targets and goals
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Recorded September 27, 2023

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Cory Hinton

Cory Hinton

Product Marketing Manager

Cory Hinton leads product marketing at SentiLink where he develops and executes organization-wide strategy and tactics for product messaging, positioning, and launches. Cory cut his teeth in fraud prevention product marketing while at Sift, a leader in fraud prevention for digital trust and safety in transactions. In his role at Sift, Cory led product marketing efforts for the flagship payment product, and prior to this role Cory held various product marketing and sales engineer positions with technology companies.


Patrick Eckerle

Head of Analytics, SentiLink

Patrick Eckerle is the Head of Analytics at SentiLink. With over 5 years of fraud experience and 10 years of experience in software development, data science, fraud operations management, and data engineering, Patrick has worn many hats in tech. In his time at Enova International, he was the leader of the Fraud Data Science and Operations team for their consumer and small business brands that lent money fully online in 3 different countries. At SentiLink, Patrick owns the analytics and data strategy that is helping to grow the business. Patrick lives in Chicago.

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